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How to choose an appropriate kite size for snowkiting?

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Are you interested in buying an open cell kite and you do not know what size is the best for you? Somebody says six square meters other ten is the best. So how to pick the best? The question – what size is the best? –there is not a simple and clear answer. However, we may provide you some guidance, cause there are several factors that substantially influence the choice and it is the best way, how to choose without hit-and-miss style.
  1. First of all, the main factor is the weight of a kiter. Generally, more weight - bigger kite would be needed. 
  2. Another factor is the way of using a kite, thus what will be kite used for? Small size is appropriate for roller or ice skates, bigger for snowkiting.
  3. The level of your experience is also important. A newbie will have fun even with a smaller kite. This is the safe way how to start easily and to learn quickly. On the other hand, experienced kiter will need a bigger kite, so that it could produce enough power for high jumps.
  4.  A further factor is the place of kiting and the dominant wind conditions at that place. There are spots with slight but regular breeze and also places with irregular strong winds.
  5. When you are choosing your new kite, you have to consider, whether kiting is sport no.1 for you or just another sport activity. According to this you may answer yourself on a question: how many kites you are going to use and their sizes. Smaller of course for the stronger wind and bigger for the lighter. Here is also very important the difference in sizes – neither too big nor small range. The number of kites should be related to the wind range of each selected kite model. Because not all kites have the same wind range.

open cell kite 4m2

As you can see, the selection of a new kite is not easy at all. And I have to say that even for me as an equipment dealer it is a difficult stuff. It is important that the seller of kites have to “get to know” the customer and his or her needs (listed factors or further information). So if you are not sure about the suitable size of a kite consult it with the seller.

Table of recommended kite size

The table below is mainly for intermediate or experienced kiters and most frequently ridden winds about 5 up to 10 m/s (approx. 5 knt).

rider weight one kite two kites
less than 65kg 8m2 6m2 and 10m2
65kg - 80kg 10m2 8~10m2 and 12~15m2
more than 80kg 12m2 10~12m2 and 14~21m2

Values in this table are just indicative; the actual suitable size of the kite may be variable significantly - based on the factors listed above and even according to the particular type of a kite. For beginners is much better to firstly buy a smaller kite and after some time eventually update it to the bigger one.

Definitely it is fine to ask for a help on some kite forums. There may be kiters that snowkite on your planned spot and they can give you some tips – what kites do they use, what is their weight, their experience with specific sizes and so on. Do not be afraid to ask, nowadays there are many beginners and those, who have gained some experience will totally be glad to advice….in case they are not big head.

closed cell kite 10m2closed cell kite 10m2

Finally, I would rather not forget to mention one more chance for not picking a wrong size of a kite. During the whole range of snowkiting courses that we have organized, we constantly convince ourselves how much could be such a course beneficial for the beginners. They have the opportunity to try different sizes and models of kites (especially during longer courses), so that their decision is much easier. It is very common that the participants of kite courses come with some idea of a defined kite size and after the course they are leaving with a completely new view on the ideal size and model of a kite. How much money you may save by completing a kite course, you can calculate on your own… So thing about starting with kite course...

I wish you good luck in your choice!

If you need help, do not hesitate to ask bellow in comments or contact us on phone or email 

Text: Petr, HARAKIRI kite kurzy

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