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For sale - Kite 2020 Naish Triad 10m-SN246674

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Available for seeing Czech Republic
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Price 575 €
Money back guarantee Guarantee 1 year

Great kite! Ideal kite and size for lighter kiters or for using in stronger winds.

Free European shipping.

In good condition (see photos) only with small scratches and professional repair of the seam (at the ear of the kite - the internal bladder has also been repaired).

Excellent kite for both beginners (easy restart of the kite from the water, easy handling) and for advanced (excellent for high jumps and basic and advanced tricks - great for kite loops).

The quality of the design from Naish is renowned. The best kite canopy material on the market: Quad-Tex (does not tear!), Inflating with a single valve (invisible Octopus system)...

The kite also includes an original repair kit.

1 year warranty for manufacturing and material defects. Money back guarantee (possibility of a refund if you are not satisfied with the condition of the kite according to the photos)!

I also have used bars for the kite. The price of the used bar is 135 Eur if you buy the bar with the kite (I also have one for 115 Eur). If you buy 2 kites from me, you will get 1x UNUsed bar for the same price and you will also get an used pump for 1 Eur!

serial number: SN246674

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