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kiteboard 2020 NAISH Motion - 138cm

Code: 20WKB-MOT138
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The Motion has built a global following over the years, providing unrivaled versatility in one “do-it-all” design. This board offers something for kiters of all stages and styles from freeride and freestyle performance to twin tip waveriding functionality.

Adding more appeal to this popular design, the new flex tips make the ride smoother and landings softer. We’ve also centered the inserts for this year allowing riders to easily transition between rails which dramatically extends the life of the board. Its full rocker and beveled razor channel rails handle even the choppiest of waters smoothly. The pop wood core gives the Motion responsive flex while providing balanced power and superior edging while helping to absorb hard landings. The added fin beam in the tip section adds rigidity to the fin mounting area, increasing edging ability and hold when traveling upwind.

Sizes: 134x41 / 138x41,5 / 142x42



kiteboard "only" contains:

  • kiteboard 2019 NAISH Motion

  • Grab handle

  • 4.0 cm IXEF fins

Product variants

  • kiteboard 2020 NAISH Motion - 142cm
  • Code: 20WKB-MOT142
  • € 461.50€ 369.20
  • kiteboard 2020 NAISH Motion - 138cm
  • Code: 20WKB-MOT138
  • € 461.50€ 369.20

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