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kiteboard 2019 NOBILE T5 wmn - 134x40

Code: K19-NOB-T5-WMN-34
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Kiteboard size

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The shape and sizes of this board are specifically tailored for the female kitesurfer, with the board’s construction and flex designed to distinct requirements based on feedback from our female riders. With our enhanced knowledge of flex engineering, this female model of the T5 is lighter compared to the standard model, while it has professionally adjusted offset straps and a flex that suits the lighter, subtler build of the female body perfectly.

The board’s Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape means it has a longer back-side edge, guaranteeing perfect control during the ride, while a shorter toe-side edge translates into fast and agile turns. The T5 has good flexibility, which helps when taking off and landing jumps. The board’s shape makes it easy to work on your freestyle game, and it is also highly recommended for learning edge jumps as well… And don’t worry: this board forgives mistakes.


size: 131x39cm, 134x40cm



Součástí kiteboardu "only" je:

  • kiteboard
  • Click'N'Go Grab handle
  • Click'N'Go Fins, velikost 55mm


Product variants

  • kiteboard 2019 NOBILE T5 wmn - 134x40
  • Code: K19-NOB-T5-WMN-34
  • € 599.00 € 299.50
  • kiteboard complete 2019 NOBILE T5 wmn - 134x40 + IFS Next
  • Code: K19-NOB-T5-WMN-34
  • € 816.27 € 342.83

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