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kite bar Naish Torque2 + I3 QR ATB 55 22+2

Code: S27KC-T55222
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Torque ATB is a 4-line bar with color-coded lines with a length of 22 + 2 m with clamcleat located above the bar. Model S27 offers a sophisticated and reliable release system with ISO certification. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, reassembling a quick release is extremely easy and offers one-handed reset. Unwinding the twisted lines is very easy thanks to the central bearing. Thanks to the sophisticated ends on the bar, it is possible to set the effective size of the bar (attachment of control lines).

Available in sizes 50 and 55 cm. The 50 cm size is ideal for small kite sizes and the 55 cm size is more suitable for medium to large kites.


  • Adjustable boom size (40-45cm)
  • Hidden adjustment of the length of the control cords under the floats
  • New stainless steel "V-low" attachment of center cords at the depower line
  • Ergonomic boom handle
  • Newly differentiated and thermoformed grip of EVA foam boom
  • Extra soft boom ends
  • Automatic unwinding of supporting cords
  • short chickenloop
  • Short durable leash with reliable quick release
  • Sniping guided through the boom
  • Jamming trimm over the yard


Assembling the safety fuse is very easy, just slide the eyelet and push it back into place. The fuse will snap back into place.

Product variants

  • kite bar Naish Torque2 + I3 QR ATB 55 22+2
  • Code: S27KC-T55222
  • € 576.88 € 473.04
  • kite bar Naish Torque2 + I3 QR ATB 50 22+2
  • Code: S27KC-T50222
  • € 576.88 € 473.04

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