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Naish 2023 Torque2 + Torque QR control system - 55 cm

Code: S27KC-A55222
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The Torque 2 + Torque QR Control System is a proven and high-quality control system. This control system provides ultimate safety and functionality for all styles of riding. The hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum bar center and Nylatron insert in combination with the PU-coated trim line, results in a smooth bar movement and protection against wear on the trim line. The external flagging line allows easy monitoring of the wear on the flagging line. Additionally, the swivel allows for near-effortless line organization to reduce front-line twists. The system also features above-the-bar trim providing the rider with full control over the trim of their kite. The streamlined bar length adjustment allows for fine-tuning your kite's turning speed. The high-quality construction, advanced safety features, and easy-to-use above-bar design make the Torque 2 + Torque QR Control System the perfect choice for any rider looking for a reliable control system that can keep up with their needs.


  • Adjustable bar size
  • Adjustment of the length of the control lines hidden under the floats
  • New stainless steel "V-low" attachment of the center cords for the depower line
  • Ergonomic bar handle
  • Newly colored and thermoformed boom grip made of EVA foam
  • Extra soft bar ends
  • Automatic untwisting of front lines
  • short chickenloop
  • Sniping conducted through the bar
  • clam cleat above the bar


Assembling the safety lock is very simple, just insert the eyelet and push it back into place. The fuse snaps back into place by itself.



Product variants

  • Naish 2023 Torque2 + Torque QR control system - 55 cm
  • Code: S27KC-A55222
  • € 596.12
  • Naish 2023 Torque2 + Torque QR control system - 50 cm
  • Code: S27KC-A50222
  • € 596.12

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