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Skytex sticker - self-adhesive Skytex is an essential equipment for every kiteboarding and snowkiting rider. With this material you can quickly repair smaller and larger holes on your dragon. The advantage of the Skytex Sticker is the already applied self-adhesive layer of high-quality glue, which ensures the strength of the repaired area.

Skytex Sticker is supplied in a clear color allowing application to a material of any color without significantly disturbing the appearance of the kit. It is supplied in patches measuring 50 x 50 cm, or their multiples up to a width of 150cm.

Product variants

  • SKYTEX STICKER - black
  • Code: D010-BLACK
  • € 11.50
  • SKYTEX STICKER - white
  • Code: D010
  • € 11.50