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2018 kite harness Prolimit Wave - M

Code: 404.81220.010-M
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This rotating and sliding harness is designed to create more freedom of movement and the possibility to rotate further into your turns like you are surfing. The harness slides around your body when you do a bottom turn or if you hit the lip. This results in more powerful turns, easier riding and more control on the wave.


  • Sliding technology, smooth inside
  • Pre-curved and 3D shaped
  • Molded outside construction
  • Low absorption internal EZ waist belt
  • Wave riding optimized outline profile
  • MPL quad belt attachment
  • Patented pin-release PLT bar system
  • Molded slide-in Barpad for no ride-up
  • Multiple leash connectors
  • Kiteknife and car-key front pocket
  • Internal load plate Mark III

Product variants

  • 2018 kite harness Prolimit Wave - M
  • Code: 404.81220.010-M
  • € 146.15