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set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 2,5m + Connect2 bar

Code: FKPE50002
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We present the PEAK in its fifth generation, more sophisticated than ever. The advantages of the ultra-light single-skin concept are still an integral part of the product line. Reliable safety, light wind stability, crash resistance and easy handling are its strengths. Its agility and the amount of power you can extract from the kite gives you genuine excitement. You can always use a smaller size of the PEAK than the wind range allows. It still has the necessary depower to cope with gusty wind conditions. The bestseller of the last few years offers an exciting flight feeling and proven safety features. Fun at a low price!

Sizes: 2.5 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 11 / 13
Technology: Single-Skin Foil Kite
Focus: Freeride, Touring, Progression
Skills: Beginner - Expert




Kite set contains:

kite PEAK5
Set of B-Safe Top Lines
Repair Kit
Kite Safety Guide
CONNECT2 Control Bar
SIMPLE Quick Release
14+7 m Flying Line Set
B-Safe Line Set
1x Safety Spare Line
Short Safety Leash
Bar Safety Guide

Kite harness for completing the set can be selected in the shopping cart as a gift to purchase.



Product variants

  • set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 2,5m + Connect2 bar
  • Code: FKPE50002
  • € 1008.00
  • set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 4m + Connect2 bar
  • Code: FKPE50004
  • € 1078.00
  • set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 5m + Connect2 bar
  • Code: FKPE50005
  • € 1148.00
  • set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 6m + Connect2 bar
  • Code: FKPE50006
  • € 1178.00
  • set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 8m + Connect2 bar
  • Code: FKPE50008
  • € 1248.00
  • set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 11m + Connect2 bar
  • Code: FKPE50011
  • € 1418.00
  • set kite FLYSURFER PEAK5 13m + Connect2 bar
  • Code: FKPE50013
  • € 1548.00

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