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kite Flysurfer Soul 6m

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Pure pleasure for your next adventure. FLYSURFER high-tech for your unlimited travel flexibility, from the mountain pass to the coastal road. Convince yourself of a powerful, precise and comfortable flight feeling. Be inspired by the vision of the SOUL.


At FLYSURFER Kiteboarding, we blended the SOUL’s construction with lightness and durability. The new X-Light fabric has the best qualities for maximum performance and impressive longevity. The incredibly lightweight (32g / m2) double-ripstop material, has low stretch, is highly tear-resistant as well as incredibly airtight, and provides an extremely smooth airfoil. The leading edge is protected with durable DLX+ fabric against dirt and abrasion. This ultra light closed-cell foilkite is the best travel companion. When it comes to materials and components, the SOUL’s is built to last and perform at the highest freeride standards on any terrain.

Contains: kite only, repair set, transportní obal, manuál

Until 31.3. 2019 extra free Flysurfer Travel Pack worth 88,42 eur



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  • Code: FKSL106KO
  • € 1449.00
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  • Code: FKSL107KO
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