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kite Flysurfer Soul2 - 6m

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The FLYSURFER SOUL product line appeals to all freeriders who do not set limits, like to travel, and want to rely on a safe kite. The SOUL is powerful and predictable from the get-go. It conveys constant, precise bar feedback and, thanks to its „Park & Ride“ feeling, is a brilliant first foil kite that never gets boring with increasing skills. In the hands of our professionals such as Olly Bridge, the product becomes a real big air machine that masters gap jumps and breaks woo records. While Theo de Ramecourt pushes his surfboard tricks, Laurent „Lolo“ Guyot pulls fat loops on snowy slopes, and Lewis Wilby takes Airstyle to the next level with the landboard, we go for a relaxing hydrofoil session in front of the HQ. The legendary SOUL embodies the entire spectrum of kiting and is always the right choice.

Vylepšení nového modelu kitu Flysurfer Soul2

  • TX-Light Cloth - Increased tear resistance, improved diagonal tensile strength, Triple RipStop thread, soft and hard finish coatings, 33g / m²

  • Bridle Check Tool - Black marked reference points included in the line plan for measuring the bridle lines after long-term use

  • Wingtip Shape - Increases lift, improves turning and wingtip stability

  • Inflation and Deflation - Increased number of cross ports that improve inflation and deflation of the kite. Enables faster launching and more convenient packing.

  • Drainage system exit - 45 ° cut-out to better drain water and dirt during the relaunch

  • Trim Checker - handle with splice lock and attachment points to attach the front and back main lines. Supports mixer adjusting

  • Reinforced suspension points - double layer of cloth sewn around points A1, B1, C1, Z1, Z2; damage prevention in the event of shock loads

  • New upgradet controll system "Flysurfer Infinity XX". The main changes are a short chicken loop and an improved quick release system.

Compatible controll systems: Flysurfer Infinity XX / Flysurfer Force

Product contains:

  • Kite Flysurfer Soul
  • Flysurfer Universal Kite Bag
  • Light bag
  • Compression belt
  • Trimm checker
  • Sandbag
  • Repair kit
  • Kite safety guide


Product variants

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  • Code: FKSL206KO
  • € 1599.00
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  • Code: FKSL208KO
  • € 1699.00
  • kite Flysurfer Soul2 - 10m
  • Code: FKSL210KO
  • € 1869.00
  • kite Flysurfer Soul2 - 12m
  • Code: FKSL212KO
  • € 1999.00
  • kite Flysurfer Soul2 - 15m
  • Code: FKSL215KO
  • € 2199.00
  • kite Flysurfer Soul2 - 18m
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  • € 2399.00
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  • Code: FKSL221KO
  • € 2599.00

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