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Fin set NOBILE G10 40mm

Code: NKB-FG1040S
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Nobile G10 fins are made of stiff glass composite which guarantees high durability. This material makes the connection between fins and the board very strong, while keeping the low flexibility of the fins. This ensures the high level of control when riding.

Nobile G10 fins are compatible with the tool-free “Click&Go” mounting standard and can be used interchangeably with PA fins.

The „ultra orange” colour of the fins is superbly visible from the distance, so losing your precious kiteboard in the water is impossible

Product variants

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  • Code: NOB-FIN-G10-20
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  • set 4ks ploutvičky NOBILE G10 30mm
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  • Fin set NOBILE G10 40mm
  • Code: NKB-FG1040S
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