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kite FLYSURFER PEAK4 - 11m2

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The requirement list for the PEAK4 included: tight turning with phenomenal resistance to backstalling, maximum pull provided by a small surface area, the most compact pack size, highest stability in light winds, as well as immediate loss of power through a new safety system in every situation. A Single-Skin foil kite has all the advantages for high alpine touring. If the situation requires it, the PEAK can simply be crashed into the slope, or released on its safety to instantly loose power. Double Skin foilkites or Open Cell foilkites can still drift off, slide down the slope and drag you away. We strongly believe in building the best product for snowkiting to go where no one has gone before.



Product variants

  • kite FLYSURFER PEAK4 - 11m2
  • Code: FKPE411KO
  • € 849.00
  • kite FLYSURFER PEAK4 - 8m2
  • Code: FKPE408KO
  • € 699.00
  • kite FLYSURFER PEAK4 - 5m2
  • Code: FKPE405KO
  • € 599.00
  • kite FLYSURFER PEAK4 - 4m2
  • Code: FKPE404KO
  • € 519.00
  • kite FLYSURFER PEAK4 - 3m2
  • Code: FKPE403KO
  • € 459.00

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