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Kitetracker GPS snowkite Challenge results


March is over and so the results of our GPS contest is here!

The first year of our gps races was set up at last minute. Maybe because of that the participation of competitors was not very abundant. Even so, there were a few enthusiasts, who quickly took place in the race and easily won the prize. Others were mistaken in the waypoints and missed one. Unfortunately, they got out of the ratings, but even so the race was a good experience for them to benefit from it in other similar future races.



Winners will receive 100 eur prize money each. Anyone can compete for free and without registration next season. Competitor just need to coplete the track (reach all turning points in order) and uplouad GPS log to Kitetracker.com


Moladava - Lukáš Malý, time 22min 22s



Rýžoviště - RenDaMat, time 35min 2s



Orava - no competitors


Winners will be contacted on email registered in Kitetracker.com accont and they will receive the prize soon :-)

Big thanks belongs to Kitetracker.com for technical support, KITEBOARDING1.eu and Mladí Národniari for sponzoring prize money.



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