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Flysurfer Sonic3 - review after one year


How is Flysurfer Sonic3 doing after a year in the service? Are there any ailments? It can be surprising, but there are non. I came across a review that appealed to me, because as the owner of Sonic3, I would have signed it.

Low wind

It has a lot of power for a given size, especially in experienced hands, that can move it. When gaining speed, the apparent wind created by the ride will take care of everything. When flying through a wind window, it sometimes seems to have too much power due to its aggressive acceleration.


Flysurfer Sonic3 does not handle very gusty and turbulent winds very well. In such conditions, Flysurfer Soul or inflatable kites will be a little better. In all other conditions, it behaves perfectly, but again only if the kiter does not make major mistakes. These can result in power loss, canopy instability, and partial controllability los. Flysurfr Sonic3 likes constant movement and taut lines.


Kiteloop with Sonic is fun, but precise control is needed to avoid oversheeting the kite or sagging the lines. The turning radius is, of course, relatively large due to the high aspect ratio of the kite and it is necessary to leave enough space for the kiteloop.


The Sonic's launches are easy and the kite fills up very quickly. I've written about it here before. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention to the tangles in briddle lines and before the start, go through them properly and untangle all the knots and loops. On thin lines, a loop can be easily overlooked and can end up with a kite on a tree right after the start.



Do you ride the foil kites with confidence, but want more? Then the Flysurfer Sonic3 is right for you :-) It is like a sport car with great potential, which will show itself in suitable conditions and experienced hands.

Ciao, Leguán

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