Kitetracker snowkite Challenge - 3 tracks by

This year there are some snowkite races in Czech and Slovak Republic, but not everyone have time to participate on race in specific date. So prepared GPS challenge in cooperation with and Mladí Národniari.




When and where can you participate?

Anyone can participate for free whenever want to till 31. 3. 2019 (including) on 3 different places: Moldava, Rýžoviště a Orava.

On in section challenge you can find this 3 challenges with video manual and rules how to compete.



What are prizes for winners?

In each challenge you can win 100 eur cash! No discout vouchers, no clothing and promotional items. We will contact the winners by email registered in winning account on One winner can winn all 3 challenges and won total 300 eur!


How to compete?

Register on, download kitetracker app on your phone, start your session in the shown area and make your way to the end area passing turning points. It doesn't matter how fast you will start/stop your session in the app, KiteTracker will calculate the time between the start- and end-zones, so no hurry to land your kite, just ride once into each area and you are all set! Make at least 1 picture of yourself (can be done after passing the zones)

All at your own risk!

For tracking you can also use another apps able to export track in .gpx format. This file can be then uploaded on

In notes of the sessio you need to write the gear you were riding and weather conditions.

Session needs to have specific name depending what did you ride on.

For Moldava: MoldavaChallengeSki or MoldavaChallengeSnb 

For Rýžoviště: RyzovisteChallengeSki or RyzovisteChallengeSnb

For Orava: OravaChallengeSki or OravaChallengeSnb


Dont wait! Check the weather conditions and go to race!


Big thanks belongs to for technical support, and Mladí Národniari for sponzoring prize money.