KITEBOARDING.CZ has been operating on the market since 2004 and is today practically the largest Czech and Slovak online store with equipment for kiteboarding, snowkiting, buggykiting and landkiting, and has been supporting promising Czech and Slovak kiters for a long time.

On this page you will find an overview of the official team drivers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia for individual brands. These fighters have our full support and are united in the so-called KTB riders team.


We believe that top equipment from companies NAISH, NOBILE, FLYSURFER, PETER LYNN a GUL together with support from our partner kite and wing schools, makes their progress easier. Many KTB team riders have been successfully defending first places at races for a long time and have successfully represented, are representing and will successfully represent the Czech Republic and Slovakia at top foreign competitions as well.

KTB riders are not only here to improve their skills, but also to help you kiters. So don't be shy to contact them personally during kiting, by email or phone, which you can find in their profile along with other information. In the profile you will also find a link to all the articles the rider has written as well as to the ads in the bazaar for the equipment he sells. You can turn to them for advice related to kiteboarding, snowkiting, landkiting and buggykiting. Each team rider has different experiences with different equipment and will be happy to pass this experience on to you.


team KTB riders:


KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Marek Vlach
Marek Vlach  "mAra"

KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Míra Hořejší
Míra Hořejší "Mira"

Radek Hrdina "radekrek"
KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Jan Krutič
Jan Krutil "Krutič"
Petr Němeček "Nemo"
KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Václav Hrabovský
Václav Hrabovský "Leguán"
KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Tereza Dolejšová
Tereza Dolejšová "KajTerka"
KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Tomáš Folýn
Tomáš Foltýn "Folty"
KITEBOARDING_CZ riders team - Martin Kulaja
Martin Kulaja "Kulis"

KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Jan Svoboda
Jan Svoboda "Krasoň"

 KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Jindřich Houštěk
Jindra Houštěk "Piškot"
KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Petr Kovanda
Petr Kovanda "Kovčus"

KITEBOARDING.CZ riders team - Vojta Prokop

Vojtěch Prokop "Proky"


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