Save 20% thanks to the advertising sticker

Do you want to make your company visible and buy a kite cheaper? Have your company logo sticker made on a kite purchased at KITEBOARDING.CZ and save approx. 20% of the price of the kite.

We will make the company logo supplied by you and deliver it on a carrier for easy application to your kite purchased in the kite shop KITEBOARDING.CZ. We will make the logo (the logo will not negatively affect the flight characteristics of the kit) within 1 to 2 weeks - depending on the number of orders. We use special materials of different colors that do not affect the flight properties of the kite or are used to make kites directly (we recommend: black skytex is most visible on light materials. On the contrary, if your kite is black, only foil can be used).

We offer kite advertising in 2 types of materials and each has different properties:

a) sticker skytex

+ has a high and long-lasting adhesion to the surface of the new kit (the body of the kite, not the dacron inflatable parts of the kit)
+ the material is as flexible as the fabric of the canopy
- in case you want to remove the sticker later, it will be difficult and the rest of the adhesive from the sticker may remain on the kit
- the colors are partially transparent, so the color of the black sticker is the most visible on all other colors
- if you have a black kite, the application of self-adhesive skytex is not possible
- it is not possible to produce an advertising sticker in white
- smaller selection of colors



b) foil

+ the film is opaque and it is also possible to produce a white sticker
+ a wide range of color shades
+ removing the ad from the canopy is easy, min. adhesives
- the foil has a different type of glue, which does not have 100% adhesion immediately after sticking. The time for perfect connection with the fabric is longer.
- the foil is made of a stronger material than skytex, therefore it is not as flexible as skytex, especially at lower temperatures



What does advertising look like in reality?

Reklamni logo - polep na komorovém kitu Reklamni logo - polep nafukovacím na kitu


How to have an advertising logo made on YOUR kite?

Write a request to for making an advertising banner.
Choose how big a logo and what color you need
Choose a kite in our e-shop or give us your dry and clean kite for consultation, whether the sticker will stick on your used kite. (free from sand, salt, mud, etc.) in person at our store in Ostrava or sent to it by post - parts of the kit that are not subject to the placement of the logo (e.g. bag, pump, etc.) do not pack!
Email us your logo in vector format in pdf and in graphic design that can be cut
The logo is made to order, that's why we show the difference. invoice and after payment we will have the logo made.
As soon as the logo with the transfer case for easy application is made, we send it to your address (the cost of postage and delivery will be added to the price according to the current conditions in the e-shop), or you can pick up the kite and sticker in person at our store in Ostrava.
The buyer applies the produced logo to his kite himself in a place of his own discretion (It's nothing difficult! Each of us has stuck a sticker at least once in our life :-)


Reklamni logo - polep na kitu Reklamni logo - polep na kitu

zhotoveni_loga_fs_kiteboarding-cz.jpg zhotoveni_loga_kiteboarding-cz.jpg

zhotoveni loga na kite zhotoveni loga na kite


How much will it cost to make an advertising logo on a kite?

For the creation of a company logo, we charge a price according to the size of the logo, the amount of material used, the number of colors used for the logo, any graphic modifications and postage and handling according to the carrier's standard tariffs.

Choose a kite in  e-shop KITEBOARDING.CZ and save approx. 20% on taxes!


For possible cleaning and drying, we charge a price according to the scope of cleaning!
For obvious reasons, the warranty does not cover the creation of a company logo on used kits!
The invoice will be issued to a natural person of the entrepreneur or to a legal entity.
The creation of the logo is offered on the basis of a custom order and therefore the possibility of returning the goods without giving reasons within 14 days does not apply to these orders made remotely.