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big air, airstyle More

Product code: FKER100 Shipping and Payment

For thrill seekers who live to really give. The FLYSUREFR Era takes you into the modern era of kiteboarding. It is the most powerful L.E.I. kit from the FLYSURFER range and offers unprecedented performance that will take your riding to new heights.


Thanks to its low air resistance, the ERA flies efficiently through the wind window at high speeds and immediately realizes every steering impulse. The aerodynamic leading edge accelerates in every gust and converts it into lift. The high aspect ratio design provides the perfect combination of performance and stability, allowing riders to blast into the stratosphere. The six-point attachment of the outriggers supports a rigid construction and effectively changes the angle of attack. Regardless of your position in the wind window, you maintain constant contact with the kite, giving you additional lift. Control forces can be adjusted at the wingtips.


We stay true to the most trusted and tested materials on the market, so you can feel safe pushing the limits. Reducing the size of the sail segments saves weight, allows for a clean flow of air through the canopy and creates more lift. The lighter, the more reactive and faster the kite. The durable construction consists of Dacron and Teijin D2. It maintains its shape over time and remains powerful even after intensive use.


When it comes to raw power, ERA is in a league of its own. The most powerful inflatable kite Flysurfer. You will feel a relentless rush of energy with every ride. Advanced construction and high-quality materials ensure that no gust goes to waste. It is the ideal tool for all enthusiasts who want to push the boundaries of big air style and demand maximum performance even under extreme conditions. Modified and tested in Cape Town by world class athletes, this kite can handle anything you throw at it.

All performance freeride riders will also love the slim and efficient profile together with excellent depower. The FLYSURFER Era also puts its speed and climbability to use when hydrofoiling, achieving high speeds and smooth performance.

Kite FLYSURFER Era contains:

  • ERA Kite only
  • UNIVERSAL Kite Bag
  • Repair-Kit & Sandbag
  • Kite Safety Guide

Technical data:

ERA Weight (kg) Aspect Ratio
5 2.14 4.6
6 2.42 4.7
7 2.66 4.8
8 2.9 4.9
9 3.14 5
10 3.32 5.1
12 3.76 5.3

Wind range:

kite Flysurfer Era wind range

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