Wing-Surfer FLYSURFER MOJO Pure Edition

Wing-Surfer FLYSURFER MOJO Pure Edition


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Product code: FKMJPE Shipping and Payment

Wing-surfer Flysurfer Mojo Pure Edition is designed with the intention of achieving high efficiency. The lightweight version of the wing without view windows and side handles is advantageous for surfers on the waves and use in the cold. Powerful, balanced and energy efficient to maximize time on the water. The wing generates continuous power through its straight V-shape, protruding contour and prestressed tarpaulin. Wind performance, controllable sailing and stability in rotation around the longitudinal axis are excellent. The large diameter of the center of the leading edge, the strut and also their separate air chambers via the two valves make the structure particularly rigid in order to withstand a high load during jumps. There is no hose that could be accidentally pulled out and blown out of the structure. Flysurfer Mojo couldn't be more versatile and covers the whole spectrum, from beginner training to surfing on big waves.

Sizes: 2,8 / 3,5 / 4,5 / 5,2 / 6,2 / 7,0 m2

Skill: beginner - professional

Technologie: Surf wing, two valves, fixed profile support


The set contains:

  • Flysurfer Mojo Surf wing
  • Flysurfer Universal bag
  • waist strap
  • leash
  • hand strap
  • Wing Safety Guide
  • repair Kit

Technical details

Self-stabilizing drift - straight V-shape regulates the roll axis
Sail pre-tensioning - reduces the flutter and increases the calm flying character, allows the wing to continue to generate propulsion when depowered
Profile support - serves as a tail unit in the floating state and keeps the tension in the fabric
Rigid construction - prevents the wing from buckling to increase control and performance
Balanced center of gravity - the distribution of forces supports intuitive handling
Extra handles - handle position to save energy when overpowered and increase safety
Harness line attachment points - between the handles on the strut, for attaching a trapezoidal line
Viewing Windows - prevents colliding with other riders, PVC material resistant to -5 °C to 23 °F
Non-slip handles - segmentation of the handles prevents slipping



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