You're out of luck? Do you have a damaged kite and can't repair it without help? You are in the right place. Our professional kite service KITEBOARDING.CZ will solve this problem! We will repair your inflatable and foil kite, whether it is a leaking inflatable part of the kite1), small or large tears or repair of tying lines. Our service is authorized by the manufacturers of FLYSURFER, NAISH, NOBILE and PETER LYNN kits, so you can be sure that the repair will be of the highest quality.


We will repair your kite quickly and, above all, in such a way that the repair does not negatively affect the flight characteristics of the kite. For repairs, we use special materials from which kiteboarding, snowkiting and landkiting kits are made. During repairs, we also make sure that the repair is as little visible as possible, which you will surely appreciate, for example, when selling it to another interested party. That is why we use materials of different colors, or transparent.

You can hand over the kite to us in our store in Ostrava or send it by post. Don't hesitate and entrust your damaged kite to our professional kite service!


  • Download, print and fill out a short Service form describing your kite and its damage and hand it to us with the damaged kite.
  • Hand over your dry and clean kite2) (free from sand, salt, mud, etc.) in person at our store in Ostrava or send it to us by post - parts of the kit that are not subject to repair (e.g. bag, pump, etc.) do not pack!
  • Subsequently, we will confirm receipt of the repair kit by phone or email, we will inform you of the preliminary price and the date of the repair.
  • After the repair has been carried out, we will inform you by phone or email of the final price of the repair and send the kite cash on delivery to your address (postage and delivery charges will be added to the price of the repair), or you can pick up the kite in person at our store in Ostrava.



We charge a price for the repair according to the difficulty and the total scope of the repair (informative price list below), the price is 16 Eur / hour + the amount of used material and spare parts, as well as postage and delivery charges according to the carrier's standard tariffs. So it all depends on the number of hours spent on the repair itself - inspection of damage, cutting of seams, cutting and preparation of spare parts, sewing, disassembly, gluing and leak testing, reassembly, etc., etc., the amount of material and spare parts used and the method of delivery.


  • Inflatable kite, repair of cracked main buoy incl. repair of the inner inflatable part - approx. 48 - 120 €
  • Inflatable kite, body tear repair - approx. 60 - 100 €
  • Chamber kite with an open leading edge, repair of a cracked chamber - approx. 40 - 60 €
  • Chamber kite, repair of tying lines - approx. 40 €
  • Basic MIXER test for FLYSURFER kits - 20 €
  • Adjustment of complete flight characteristics of the wing + MIXER test for FLYSURFER kits - 39,90 €


ATTENTION: the extent of the repair may vary depending on the manufacturer of the kit due to the different number of seams, type of stitching, etc.!

Do not hesitate and entrust your damaged kite to the professional kite service KITEBOARDING.CZ.



If you want to make a warranty repair claim for your kite equipment, you can find more information here.


Do you have an old kite wing or board and want to buy a new one? You can use our recycling. When you buy new equipment in our store, you can give us your old equipment in exchange. Contact our service department, tell us what equipment you want to buy. Send pictures of your old gear. If you agree to our price offer, we can slap each other and you can have the new equipment at home soon. We will then sell your old equipment at our bazaar.


  1. repairs to inflatable parts (inner kite bladders) are, for obvious reasons, not covered by the leak-proof guarantee!
  2. for possible cleaning and drying, we charge a price according to the scope of cleaning!